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Need Tally ERP.9 anywhere from Bangladesh, Let us take the hassle for you

Since last few years start-ups and industrialization cutler in Bangladesh is changing rapidly. We noticed that the demand of good accounting software as well as ERP application is in the sky.

To keep up with this ever growing scenario we are ready to be part of your mission. Mehedi Enterprise has nationwide support network to back you in need of ERP application. We believe in Tally ERP so do our respective clients from all over the country.

We are so focused in your business growth and we understand complexity it’s cost, to solve this we always keep our eyes open. Our technical and accounting experts are one step away from your door. Never be alone, lets begin the journey together.

Every single business share some common feature on the other hand they also have some unique demands. We at Mehedi Enterprise provide customized Tally ERP.9 based Accounting and Inventory management solution for your business that fit with need.

Our Promise

24/7 Support

Our support team are open to handle your need. We understand the value of your time and the way how time become equivalent to money in business. Never waste a second getting support again.

Team of Experts

In critical situation our experts team of resource person can give you hand on getting things done. Solving technical problem to scaling your inventory will be so easier when you get in touch with them.

Free Installation

We take the heaviest part on our shoulder. When you buy software from us, we will install it on your machine and create ledger according to standard accounting principle then teach you how to keep going.

Why Tally Software?

In twenty first century every business need to keep record of their expense and assets in such a way that you can know the exact financial situation in real-time and anytime from anywhere. If your business is in small scale or operated in one single place you might have any need to share data but it’s a big one and you have multiple office in different location then you have to share exact data across all your office in real-time to ensure better accountability. Which help you gain sustainable management and decision making ability. Tally ERP.9 do this all in shorter time with less effort.

Your business might gonna need data in different format, maybe you want to limit financial data access limit to certain level to different person and position between internal and external user. On the other hand in business everyday you receive input from different format,  it can be employee’s time-sheet details, money receipt in traditional format, information from pos machine and more. It’s hard to integrate all this data from different department if you do it manually, but when you use Tally ERP solution it’s fully automated that you have to do nothing literately.

Tally ERP.9 help maximizing productivity and reducing cost, better fraud detection in financial system.

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